I'm a multidisciplinary designer specialised in graphic and motion design with competences all round in the design industry with +5 years of experience as both in house and freelance creative. I've completed my studies in Multimedia Design in Italy and decided to move here in the North West of England where I am currently based.
I get inspired by many things, social media constantly helps me to guide my taste within design trends and most recently fashion too which I recently got into while searching and learning about my personal photography interests.
My primary focus is in working through the web via expanding my knowledge into videography and motion design applied to branding-oriented projects
I constantly strive for improvement and opened in learning new things everyday in order to become an ‘hyper skilled’ designer able to cover any kind of project and industry figure.
• Branding Development • Ux/Ui Design • Video Editing • Photography • Motion Design • Adobe Creative Cloud • Illustration • Content creation • Typography • Colour Theory • Print/Digital Design • Sound Design                             ​​​​​​​